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UV Paint Parties is the latest craze to come to the UK nightclub scene and Niteglowfx is one of the first entertainment companies to supply this new effect.

The effect uses a bio degradable water based UV paint that can be easaliy cleaned up after any event. we have designed firing systems that can project paint up to 30ft across the dance floor in any direction on a continues flow basis.

Niteglowfx have developed our own method of projecting the paint over 30ft in any direction on a continuous flow basis from any where within the venue, for larger venues we can project paint from multipliable areas at any given time allowing every one to get involved at the same time.

High powered low energy UV lighting is supplied with this effect that floods the room with UV enhancing this effect.
As part of the package the complete dance floor is covered with anti slip matting which is removed at the end of the evening.
Some types of clothing can get stained from the UV paint we provide protective suits for purchase as required, Niteglowfx is happy to supply these to the public or to the venue.
If the venue requires they can source and supply them selves. Large signs are supplied to the club to put up inside the entrance of the club notifying the public of the staining as well as disclaimer signs put up around the venue.

The UV paint parties are suitable for all age groups as you view our photos and videos linked to this site, we have carried out paint parties for various age groups and all have been a great success.
Our unique projection systems are very directional and stops the splatter effect that can result in lighting rigs getting covered in paint.
If the venue requires other effects can be added such as CO2 jets, UV Bubbles etc depending on the venues budget.

We have full public liability insurance up to 5 million pounds, risk assessment and disclaimers.

We cater for small and large venues and have a standard labour price, the venue decides how much paint they require at time of booking, small containers of paint can be sold within the club either by the venue or from our staff allowing the club to keep the cost of the effect down and adding extra revenue during the evening.

All photos and videos are taken from real events and not from staged events.

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